Agriculture Commodity Market Initiative


If the agrarian economy of Bhutan is to prosper, its agriculture has to be market-driven, more cost-effective, competitive, innovative, and responsive to high-tech IT applications. It is necessary to build the capacity of all the actors in the supply chain, viz., the farmers, market functionaries, and others involved in the marketing activities. Knowledge has to be imparted at the grass-root level in areas such as market-driven production, post-harvest management, quality standards, safety issues, grading, packaging, storage, transportation, contract farming, direct marketing, B2B marketplace, online market information system, etc. During the nationwide lockdown, to control the spread of COVID-19, the government facilitated the distribution of agriculture and livestock products to various markets in the country. Social media also facilitated many farmers around the country to connect directly with the consumers. Building a marketplace can be helpful for farmers and producers around the country to sell their products and make better profits, as middlemen are reduced to avoid exploitation, as well as benefit the customers who get fresh produce at better prices.

Why our platform?

ACMI is a platform that has an online marketplace for farmers, producers, traders, and consumers who can buy and sell agriculture, livestock and Non-wood Forest Products. We have a vision to provide our users best marketplace. As one of the challenges still faced is finding the market, the platform will provide a marketplace where farmers/ producers can directly connect to the consumers and traders which will help increase revenue without an intermediary.

Who are the buyer and seller?

Anyone once registered can be a buyer or seller. One of the benefits of using this platform is; that it is free and any registered user can be both buyer and seller. The consumer can use the platform to make a deal to purchase the desired commodity without having to register.